Ichiban Sushi House, Old Town, Alexandria

Whenever my wife and I get a craving for a sushi dinner, we head to Ichiban Sushi House on King Street in Alexandria for happy hour (Monday – Friday, 4:00-6:30pm ) and order some fresh, colorful, hand rolled maki, nigiri and other delectables offered at fabulous daily discounts.

The happy hour menu is simple, but tasty. They offer two deluxe maki rolls for $7 each, the rainbow and hairy Mexican. There are another half dozen regular maki rolls for $3.50 each including California, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, and crispy spicy tuna. There are some two piece nigiri sets for the same price. Among the $3.50 appetizers are a scrumptuous tempura plate with veggies and prawn and a seaweed salad. Japanese beer, saki, and house wine are $3.00. My choice is always a warm saki, particularly good for rainy fall afternoons with the days becoming shorter.

The resteraunt is located on king street two blocks from the waterfront. It is just a few doors past the visitor center.



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